How Much Does Camp Cost?


Nothing! It’s free. For every single camper. But obviously it costs money to send 60 to 70 campers to camp for a week. Bethany Birches charges Camp Agape $475 for each camper. In addition, every camper is supplied with a clean sleeping bag for their stay, and receives a backpack with flashlight and lots of other camping gear, T-shirt, ‘hoodie’ sweatshirt, beach towel and back-to-school supplies. With administration costs such as registration packets, mailings and camper transportation, a camper scholarship in 2019 cost $600. In 2019, the entire program cost $38,000. It costs over $60,000 to keep a VT inmate in jail for a year.

How much does Camp Agape cost? In volunteer time and love: priceless.

Camp Agape is funded through the generosity of individual donors, congregations, and the Fanny Allen Foundation.