Joey Comes to Camp


Two years ago, ‘Joey’ came to Camp Agape. A very active nine-year-old who enjoyed camp but had a difficult time settling down, paying attention, following instructions, Joey met at least once a day with his cabin counselor, the chaplain and one of the camp directors to discuss ways he could enjoy camp even more and not be disruptive.

Finally, the day before the week-long session was to end, it became obvious that Joey simply couldn’t handle it and would have to be sent home. He was well aware that he had pushed the limits. Joey was assured that he would be welcomed back to next summer’s session, that a place was already reserved for him. As the car drove out of camp for the ride home, he saw the campers enjoying sliding down a hill- side on the ‘Slippery Slide,’ a huge plastic sheet covered in soap suds.

Once more assured that he would be welcomed back the following year, Joey asked, “Could we do that Slide the first day?”

Joey came back last year. He had many of the same behavior issues. He met regularly with his cabin counselor, chaplain and camp director who encouraged him to try new behaviors and to make it through the entire camp session. He tried very hard.

Thursday, the next-to-last-day of camp, the traditional Water Carnival was held and Joey slid down the ‘Slippery Slide’ again and again having a wonderful time. That evening after sup- per, he came up to his cabin counselor, held up both his thumbs in triumph and said, “I made it!”

Joey is one of the first campers to register for this summer’s camp.

Welcome back, Joey!

from the Spring 2009 Newsletter